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This Safety Bulletin provides important information in order to maintain safe trailer towing operations. It specifically addresses improper practices which causes damage to products and may lead to accidents, due to abuse and/or poor maintenance practices.

Premier has been made aware that some operators are impacting (beating) the coupling latch systems with hammers and other blunt force objects, in their effort to determine whether the coupling latch system is locked-closed. Please be aware that this practice is completely unsafe and unwarranted. These acts will actually cause damage to critical safety components as well as compromise their future function, therein initiating a potential malfunction and accident.

Premier’s various literature, including the documents attached to couplings titled Installation, Inspection, Operation and Maintenance Guide specifically addresses this issue on the ATTENTION page, stating: (10) NEVER STRIKE ANY OF THESE COMPONENTS WITH A HAMMER OR ANY OTHER DEVICE.


Premier highly recommends that all operators of the equipment which utilizes the couplings be trained on the proper use of the coupling models they are using.  Additionally, if intentional impacting of any latch system is a known activity within your fleet, we firmly recommend that all couplings be examined by a qualified mechanic to check for damage and proper operation, prior to further use.  

Premier - MFG

Premier – MFG

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