240KSA Swivel Coupling, Part #10001135

This product combines the best of two technologies: Premalloy and Swivel. We have merged the extended service life of our exclusive Permalloy alloy with the advantages of a swivel coupling. The 10001135 is our 10001128 Premalloy coupling with a newly designed 10004712 swivel adapter. This product is ideal for utility companies, construction, agriculture, and military applications.



Part #10001135
(Model #240KSA)
Coupling & Swivel Assembly


Maximum Gross Trailer Weight 60,000 lbs. (27,216 kg)
Maximum Tongue Weight 6,000 lbs. (2,722 kg)
Ultimate Latch Capacity 20,000 lbs. (9,072 kg)
Maximum Eye X-Section 1 13/16 in. (46 mm)
Minimum Eye Opening 2 3/8 in. (60 mm)
Unit Weight 40 lbs. (18.3 kg)
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