New product line features increased durability and latch capacity

OWATONNA, Minn.High Bar Brands is making changes to its Premier Mfg product lines, debuting new couplings they say are stronger and more durable than ever before.

The Silver Series ­– which includes the 1400 and 1400H models – features couplings that are harder than their predecessors, correlating to a significant reduction in wear.

“Topology optimization, finite element analysis, and casting flow and solidification analysis were used to design these couplings,” HBB Engineering Manager Zach McCurter said. “This allows us to place material where it is needed and remove material from areas it is not necessary, which results in a reduction in weight and an increase in strength.”

The latch capacity for the Silver Series is 60,000 pounds, making it an option for heavy-duty fleets.

“We wanted to make sure this product line was versatile, so any company – whether they’re involved in light-duty, medium-duty, or heavy-duty work – could use these new couplings,” HBB President & CEO Christopher ‘CT’ Thorpesaid.

HBB says the Silver Series couplings are easy to operate with strike-resistant latching, and the 1400 and 1400H feature two of the most popular mounting pattens in the industry.

“We’re extremely excited about this release, which we feel furthers our reputation for producing the best couplings in the business,” Thorpe said.

The Silver Series line hit the market July 1st and HBB says it has already sold out with thousands of units on backorder. Current backorder status is approximately 60 business days, so HBB suggests ordering now to meet any upcoming needs.

About High Bar Brands

High Bar Brands, LLC, is the preferred solutions provider to the commercial vehicle industry with our family of iconic brands. Driven by innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit, we strive for total customer satisfaction through our passionate team and superior products.

Our company was born from the partnership between two solution-based brands – Minimizer and Premier Manufacturing.  These iconic suppliers have proven processes and a customer-centric approach that has forged a special connection with drivers, fleet owners, and maintenance managers across North America.  Their feedback is crucial to R&D and has helped our team design and develop numerous patented technologies.

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