silver series

The Silver Series line of couplings/pintle hitches boasts beefed-up latch capacities and increased wear-resistance while eliminating weight.

This innovative product line includes the 1200, 1300, 1400 and 1400-H couplings.


Topology optimization, finite element analysis, and casting flow and solidification analysis were used by Premier Mfg engineers to design these couplings.


Compared to their predecessors, the Silver Series couplings/pintle hitches are stronger.  The latch capacity for the 1400 and 1400-H models is 60,000 pounds, making them an option for heavy-duty fleets.


Thanks to the work of Premier Mfg engineers, the Silver Series couplings/pintle hitches are harder than their predecessors, correlating to a significant reduction in wear.

Premier - MFG

Premier – MFG

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