The patented Saf-T-Latch has a small air cylinder inside the coupling body that is connected to the air chamber.  When the chamber is pressurized by releasing the emergency brake, the cylinder rod extends and contacts the pocket in the lower latch which rotates to the closed position in the event the latch is inadvertently left open.
*Closing and making sure the latch is closed correctly is always the responsibility of the person making the coupling connection and the driver’s responsibility to verify that the equipment is correctly connected prior to moving the vehicle.  In the event the coupling is not properly closed, the Saf-T-Latch acts as a safeguard to close the latch with the release of the air brakes.
The Saf-T-Latch technology can be found on the 820ELA product page.

This one-of-a-kind latch closes with the release of the air brakes acting as a fail-safe when the person making the coupling fails to correctly connect the latch prior to moving the vehicle.


Saf-T-Latch incorporates Extended Life technology with a direct injection of lubrication to the latch pivot points.


The result is smooth, consistent latch performance over an extended period of time with patented technology incorporated to ensure latch closure.

Premier - MFG

Premier – MFG