281 & 282 Air Chambers

Premier’s 281 & 282 are not your typical Air Chambers! They are built to last in the rigorous service of Coupling-to-Drawbar Eye connections.  The models listed below are available individually.  But be sure to check out your ordering options on each coupling website page as air chambers are included in most coupling kit models.



Model #Part #Description
28110000116Air Chamber, Type 24, 8" Pushrod
281L10000120Air Chamber, Type 24, 12" Pushrod
281C10000117Air Chamber, Type 24, Bottom-Mount (for 2300B, 370B, 570 Only)
281SPL10000121Air Chamber, Type 24, 5 3/8" Pushrod, Bandclamp Rotated 90 Deg.
28210000122Air Chamber, Type 30, 8" Pushrod
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Model #Maximum Force at 100 PSIUnit Weight
2812,400 lbs. 10.68 kN9.30 lbs.
281L2,400 lbs. 10.68 kN9.60 lbs.
2823,000 lbs. 13.34 kN9.80 lbs.