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600 Jiffy Jack

Premier’s 600 Series Jiffy Jacks are time savers by allowing the jack to be lowered to the ground or raised into the retracted position without having to crank the handle, see example below. Premier pioneered this design with speed of use as the focal point. The result is a jack that simply out-performs others in its class. The 600 series jiffy is the jack of choice for many fleets around the world.

  • “Jiffy Quick Release” for instant, one-lever lowering and retracting of the leg without cranking.

  • Quick action, spring-activated, folding handle that seats in a positive position for travel. This keeps the handle short, compact, and out of the way.

  • DOM inner and outer tubes provide a strong precision fit, reducing penetration of outside contaminants.

  • Oil cup for convenient lubrication of power screw.

  • Custom mounting options allow mounting plate to be factory welded anywhere on the outside tube, or shipped loose for customer installation (available on most models).


600-12 Jiffy Jack with 12 inch travel and shock absorption.
600P-12 Jiffy Jack with 12 inch travel (no shock absorption).
600-15 Jiffy Jack with 15 inch travel and shock absorption.
600P-15 Jiffy Jack with 15 inch travel (no shock absorption).


Maximum Capacity Operational: 5,000 lbs. (2,268 kg)
Maximum Capacity Static: 10,000 lbs. (4,536 kg)

Warning: For any changes that you might make please refer to our technical documents.

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