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Hinges and Hinge Assemblies for Multiple Trailer Drivers

Hooking up and pulling multiple trailers can be challenging, especially for less experienced drivers. Hinges and hinge assemblies often get abused and overlooked during normal PM practices and can become difficult to work with over time.

What Are the Best Hinge and Hinge Assembly Options?

Are you a driver or a company wondering what the best choice is for your hinge and hinge assembly needs? Premier Mfg has you covered with our line of hinge assemblies currently available.

Is the standard straight pin the best solution, or is a tapered pin assembly just what your team needs?

In the world of hinge assembly production, most manufacturers produce only a straight pin with no ability to adjust drawbar tension. This is an economical choice, but it tends to wear out faster and must be replaced more often. Premier Manufacturing has gone in a different direction, designing a straight pin and a tapered pin hinge assembly option. This allows our customers to decide what is best for them.

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The more durable option would be the tapered pin style, as this works by expanding the bushing rather than compressing it, like a straight pin assembly. When you start to tighten it and walk the tapered bushing up to the tapered pin, you’re expanding it from the inside out rather than compressing it.

This offers a much longer life expectancy on the bushing, reducing maintenance and downtime while increasing efficiency. The other benefits of a Premier hinge assembly include reduced tongue weight and improved dampening, which gives drivers less vibration to deal with on the drawbar eye.

Both Premier’s straight pin and tapered hinge assemblies allow drivers to adjust and set the tension on the drawbar assembly, which is unique to the industry. The ability to customize the ride of that rear trailer depending on driver preference and the road conditions is a huge plus.

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Our engineering team has created numerous innovative designs for all of our products, including those fighting corrosion (Extended Life) to those that harden with use (Premalloy). Our Saf-Tite line of couplings and pintle hitches can handle your heaviest loads, while our new Saf-T-Latch assembly ensures that the latching system is closed while your vehicle is in motion, all by using a small auxiliary air cylinder that connects to the trailer brakes.

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