Why Premier Couplings are the Best

Setting the Standard: Why Premalloy Couplings from Premier Manufacturing are in a Class All Their Own

When you’re searching for the best couplings, what matters most to you? Is it the ability to work in severe and harsh environments? Initial cost? What about connection options? Does your team have a unique need that demands a unique coupling solution? Or something else entirely?

Whatever the answer is, your organization needs dependable, reliable couplings for the long haul. So when comparing couplings and assemblies, let’s look at why Premier Manufacturing’s Premalloy coupling solutions are simply the best.



  • Premier Mfg holds numerous patents and IPs that competitors cannot match. Consider Premalloy, the proprietary coating composition designed to work in rough and abrasive environments. It work hardens at the contract surface, delivering reduced wear and extending the life of your coupling assembly.
  • Premier Mfg also offers several unique latch designs. Unlike some, Premier Mfg doesn’t do one size fits all. Your needs likely demand options, and we have them.
  • Unlike others in the marketplace, Premier Mfg puts rating capacities on its latches. Based on your environment, you may need a 2000 series latch rated for 60,000 lbs. Or maybe you need a light-duty latch rated for 20,000 lbs. Whatever your needs, Premier Mfg has a coupling solution.
  • Quality control like no one else. While other suppliers may have untested parts coming from overseas, Premier Mfg has rigid testing standards for all coupling components to ensure the highest quality and safety standards you can trust. Everything – from machining to grinding to inspection to shipping – is handled inside the walls at Premier Mfg.
  • Continuous improvement and innovation that just flat out blows away the competition. Premier Mfg’s latest products have moved off the drawing board and are in the testing phase. Expect to see several new products and coupling assemblies in the next several months.
  • Options like no other manufacturer out there. Got corrosion issues? Premier Mfg offers bronze bushings to stop growth. And if that’s not an issue for you, Premier Mfg doesn’t force you to pay for that because it believes in offering the right choices and options for your unique needs. That’s what makes Premier Mfg coupling solutions the best on the market.

Get the Best Couplings Available Today From Premier Mfg

Premier Mfg specializes in offering incredibly durable, well-built pintle hitches, drawbar eyes, jacks, and other related components for the transportation market. Our engineering team has created numerous innovative designs, including those fighting corrosion (Extended Life) to those that harden with use (Premalloy). The Saf-Tite line of Premier couplings and pintle hitches can handle your heaviest loads, while the new Saf-T-Latch assembly ensures that the latching system is closed while your vehicle is in motion, all by using a small auxiliary air cylinder that connects to the trailer brakes.

Premier Mfg is a private, American-owned company with roots going back almost a century, with the invention of the pintle hitch by founder Dewey Weiss.

Independent Fleet testing proved successful, with 8 of the top 10 LTL carriers specifying Premier Mfg equipment to handle their trucking needs while moving goods across North America.

When you need the very best Premalloy coupling, pintle hitch, or trailer jack on the market, look no further than Premier Mfg. Reach out to us today to learn more about our line of world-class Premier couplings and other products.

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