Medium-Duty vs. Heavy-Duty Hitches

Whether your team needs to move a boatload of heavy equipment deep into the oil patch or restore power due to a downed utility pole, having the right size capacity hitch plays a vital role in driver safety and efficiency. And when it comes to choosing between medium- and heavy-duty, knowing your vehicle’s gross trailer rating matters most.

Medium & Heavy-Duty Hitches: Which Ones Are Right for You?

With Premier Manufacturing’s world-class pintle hitch systems, you have two options:

A Premier Mfg heavy-duty hitch

Typical entities and industries that require medium-duty hitch capacities include municipalities (city and state), power utilities, and telecommunications services. In other words, groups utilizing F250s through F550s, including so-called ‘bucket trucks’ with fixed pintle hitches and swivel pintle hitches.

Having a heavy-duty hitch is the only option for teams involved in HD construction, LTL freight, or tank trailers. These class 8 applications involve 50,000 lbs. or more in gross trailer rating and almost always include air systems. Premier Mfg heavy-duty hitches are designed to fit perfectly on the back of a tailboard.

Premier Mfg specializes in offering incredibly durable, well-built pintle hitches, drawbar eyes, jacks, and other related components for the transportation market. Our engineering team has created numerous innovative designs for all our products, including those fighting corrosion (Extended Life) to those that harden with use (Premalloy).

Our Saf-Tite line of couplings and pintle hitches can handle your heaviest loads, while our new Saf-T-Latch assembly ensures that the latching system is closed while your vehicle is in motion, all by using a small auxiliary air cylinder that connects to the trailer brakes.

Premier Mfg Has the Best Heavy & Medium-Duty Hitches

Premier Manufacturing is a private, American-owned company with roots going back almost a century, with the invention of the pintle hitch by our founder Dewey Weiss.

Independent Fleet testing proved successful, with 8 of the top 10 LTL carriers specifying our equipment to handle their trucking needs while moving goods across our great nation.

Download the full Premier catalog today, or reach out to us and discover more about our line of world-class couplings, pintle hitches, and trailer

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