956BK Front End Housing

The 956BK Front End Housing was designed specifically for use with our 307K Swivel Drawbar Eye only. This model is standard with poly bushings. Are you interested in a front end and drawbar eye kit? Consider our 307BK which is a complete kit and includes both the 956BK Front End and 307K Drawbar Eye. Check out the Compatible Drawbar Eyes and Installation Guide tabs below!
NOTE:  The 956BK is designed to be used with HINGED FRONT ENDS ONLY



Model #Part #Parts IncludedCompatible Drawbar Eyes
956BK10000900956 Housing, 948AK Poly Bushings (2), 955NK-A Internal Polymer Washer, 955NK-B External Polymer Washer, 949W External Washer.307K


Inside Diameter2 5/8 in.
Outside Diameter5 1/2 in.
Length7 3/4 in.
Wall3/8 in.
Unit Weight18.7 lbs.


Model #Part #Description
948AK10000040Bushing, Poly
949W10000894External Washer
955NK-A10000895Internal Polymer Washer
955NK-B10000896External Polymer Washer
956BK-RK10000901Repair KitIncl. 948AK (2), 955NK-A, 955NK-B, 949W
95610000870Housing Only


Model #Inside DiameterOutside DiameterLength
948AK2 1/4 in.4 3/4 in.3 1/2 in.
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