267 Air Chamber Brackets

Premier’s 267 Air Chamber Brackets  are for use with the 100, 270, 2200, and 820EL Slack Reducing Couplings. Model # 267 is the standard, however, they are available in three lengths to meet your particular mounting structure requirements.  Check out the Optional Accessories tab below for additional installation components and order from Premier today!



Model #Part #DescriptionFor Use With
26710000098Air Chamber Bracket, Standard100, 270, 2200, 820EL
267F10000101Air Chamber Bracket, Non-Standard100, 270, 2200
267H10000102Air Chamber Bracket, Non-Standard100, 270, 2200


Model #LengthUnit Weight
2672 3/4 in. overall (70 mm)2.80 lbs.
267F4 5/8 in. overall (117 mm)3.70 lbs.
267H3/4 in. overall (19 mm)2.60 lbs.
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    467 & 767 Air Chamber Brackets

    Premier’s 467 & 767 Air Chamber Brackets are designed for use with the Slack Reducing Coupling models listed below. The 467 series is available in three lengths to meet your particular mounting structure requirements. Check out the Optional Accessories tab below for additional installation components and order from Premier today!


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