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2200ELL Slack Reducing Coupling

The 2200ELL is a combination of the 2200EL (2200 with the Extended Life latch system) with the addition of the Low Profile Lever components. The Low Profile Lever is a good option for latch clearance issues and ease of use.

The Low Profile Lever is only available with the 2200 coupling.


2200ELL 2200EL Coupling with a 2075 Low Profile Lever installed.
2200ELLA Kit 2200EL Coupling with 2075 Low Profile Lever installed, 501 Bolt Kit, 281 Air Chamber, 267 Air Chamber Adapter Bracket, 271 Thimble.


Maximum Gross Trailer Weight 100,000 lbs. (45,359 kg)
Maximum Tongue Weight 20,000 lbs. (9,071 kg)
Ultimate Latch Capacity 60,000 lbs. (27,215 kg)
Maximum Eye X-Section 1 13/16 in. (46 mm)
Minimum Eye Opening 2 3/8 in. (60 mm)
Unit Weight 29.6 (13.43 kg)

2000ELL Coupling Parts Available

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