123 Weld-On Slack Reducing Drawbar Eye

The 123 Weld-On Slack Reducing Drawbar Eye is a great choice for all of your trucking needs. It was designed for use with Premier’s 500 Mechanical Slack Adjuster or  281 and 282 Air Service Chambers. Slack Reducing Eyes work to maintain a tight fit between the drawbar eye loop and pintle hook. The snug fit improves the ride & handling while reducing wear for increased service life. The 123 models have a maximum gross trailer weight of 100,000 lbs. Check out the Optional Accessories tab below for complementary components and the Installation Guide tab for more information!
Designed For: 3 inch (76 mm) standard channel or square tubing




Model #Part #Description
123-710000722123 Drawbar Eye, 411 Shoe, 113B Pushrod
123-810000723123 Drawbar Eye, 411 Shoe, 113A Pushrod
123-1210000721123 Drawbar Eye, 411 Shoe, 113 Pushrod


Maximum Gross Trailer Weight100,000 lbs. (45,359 kg)
Maximum Tongue Weight15,000 lbs. (6,803 kg)
Inside Diameter2 3/8 in. (60 mm)
Unit Weight15.6 lbs. (7.1 kg)


Model #Part #Description
110C10000712Bushing, Pushrod Guide
11310000716Pushrod, 12 in.
113A10000717Pushrod, 8 in.
113B10000718Pushrod, 7 in.
28110000116Air Chamber, Type 24
281J10000006Jam Nut (fits 281 & 282 Air Chamber Pushrods)
28210000122Air Chamber, Type 30
47L10000145Coupler, Left-hand threads
50010000147Mechanical Slack Adjuster
52510000173Jam Nut (fits 113 Pushrods)
525L10000174Jam Nut, Left-hand threads (fits 113 Pushrods)
1400510000053Wear Gage


Model #LengthThread
113B7 in. (178 mm)3/4 in - 16 NF
113A8 in. (203 mm)3/4 in - 16 NF
11312 in. (305 mm)3/4 in - 16 NF
473 5/8 in.1 1/16 HEX
47L3 5/8 in.1 1/16 HEX
47SPL6 in.1 1/16 HEX
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    Premier’s 47 Series Couplers are used to connect the Air Chamber Pushrod to the Drawbar Eye Pushrod.  Specifically, the pushrod of a Premier Slack-Reducing Drawbar Eye (Model #’s 110, 123, 127). Be sure to check out the Accessory Parts box for additional items you may need for installation.

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    <span data-sheets-value="{"1":2,"2":"Designed as a direct retrofit to the mounting pattern of our 135NT, the 240 coupling is the perfect choice for your hauling needs. The 240 is built with extra toughness and wear resistant that Permalloy users have come to expect. With a maximum gross trailer weight of 45,000 lbs. and 20,000 lbs. latch capacity, the 240 coupling is ...

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    <img ...

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    470 Slack Reducing Coupling Product Discontinued Recommended Replacements: 2400 & 2400EL

    Often used in the agricultural industry as well as tankers, the 470 slack reducing coupling offers a similar latching system as our 270, but with a different mounting pattern. This coupling must be used with an air service chamber. With a 90,000 lbs. maximum gross trailer weight and 12,000 lbs. latch capacity, this coupling is perfect for …

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    When vertical clearance is at a premium, the 570 slack reducing coupling may be your solution. Our 570 offers a bottom mount air chamber, low profile, and strong latching system. An oil cup is provided to quickly and easily lubricate the latch. This coupling must be used with an air service chamber. We recommend our 281C. With a …

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    890PK and 890PK-NH parts kits available for purchase while supplies last

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